I’m Back!

Well, that was a long break huh? Where to begin!

First, we are over the hump of our kitchen renovation. It started late last summer when I was still pregnant, and we now have an 8 month old and are still chugging away at it. I have many posts to share how we got from here to where we are now. If you’re interested in catching up on my insta stories I’ve been saving the highlights there.

Oh! and yeah, we have a baby boy! Last time I blogged I was barely 3 months pregnant, and now Augie is 8 months old. His official name is Augustine Gustav Haskell and he was born 9/10/22. It was an easy pregnancy, and delivery, you know, as far as delivering a baby goes. But we are so happy that he is a healthy, funny, growing kid! It does make things like house renovations go a bit slower.

And if we are being honest, blogging. But we now have a good nap schedule going and so I have the time blocks to sit down and write. Yay! So you’ll see me here more often, and I’ll be on instagram more often too. You can find me there! Also, I have a lemon8 too!

Glad to be back! Let me know what has been happening with all of you!

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