New Trash Bin Platform

Hey all, Hope you’re all having a great week! We were a little ambitious this Sunday afternoon/evening. While I was watching Locke and Key (who’s into it?) Chris came home from a ride and we started talking about our trash bins. I know, riveting conversation! But this little project has been on our radar for […]

Kitchen: Before to Now

Happy Monday internet friends! Today I decided to go back in time a bit. Though I have just started blogging I’ve made it a point to document as many projects, big and small, throughout our time here. And here we will go back to my birthday 2020. We all know April 2020 was a very […]

Updated Spooky Stoop

Well, that didn’t take long did it? I kept looking at my stoop and thinking “dang it if it doesn’t seem a little lackluster?” But, I figured keep your own advice Bridget. And then Chris and I were out with a friend who said he got pumpkins from a local farm that were super affordable. […]

Posting Schedule

I’ve been thinking this week what a realistic posting schedule would look like. Right now, I think that a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule is doable for me right now. The posts will be scheduled on those days. Tomorrow, (Friday 10/8) will be a new post as well. You can also follow me on Instagram at aspenandfur to […]

5 of My Favorite Home Blogs

I thought I would it would be fine to share some of my favorite design blogs and a brief back story. Some I’ve been following for nearly a decade, looking at you ABM and some I have just started dedicating myself to read through and look into their archives too. Maybe they will be a […]

Getting Spooky

On a whim at the grocery store today I decided to buy this goofy junior skeleton and hang him near the front door. I don’t usually decorate for Halloween but figured this was a good place to start. So many times you can talk yourself out of adding some seasonal whimsy because, let’s be honest, […]