I’m Back!

Well, that was a long break huh? Where to begin! First, we are over the hump of our kitchen renovation. It started late last summer when I was still pregnant, and we now have an 8 month old and are still chugging away at it. I have many posts to share how we got from […]

Updated Boulevard

I don’t if “boulevard” is the actual term for this area of lawn but either way, it was in rough shape. It stayed pretty much this way since we moved in. It was left this way basically because we didn’t know what to do with this area. We couldn’t get grass to grow there, didn’t […]

New Trash Bin Platform

Hey all, Hope you’re all having a great week! We were a little ambitious this Sunday afternoon/evening. While I was watching Locke and Key (who’s into it?) Chris came home from a ride and we started talking about our trash bins. I know, riveting conversation! But this little project has been on our radar for […]

Kitchen: Before to Now

Happy Monday internet friends! Today I decided to go back in time a bit. Though I have just started blogging I’ve made it a point to document as many projects, big and small, throughout our time here. And here we will go back to my birthday 2020. We all know April 2020 was a very […]

5 of My Favorite Home Blogs

I thought I would it would be fine to share some of my favorite design blogs and a brief back story. Some I’ve been following for nearly a decade, looking at you ABM and some I have just started dedicating myself to read through and look into their archives too. Maybe they will be a […]