5 of My Favorite Home Blogs

I thought I would it would be fine to share some of my favorite design blogs and a brief back story. Some I’ve been following for nearly a decade, looking at you ABM and some I have just started dedicating myself to read through and look into their archives too. Maybe they will be a fun rabbit hole for all of you!

  1. A Beautiful Mess may have been my first home decor, DIY, craft blog. I’ve following them since before Emma, one of the co-owners and sisters became an official partner. They are fun, diverse in their posting and I also love their podcast, A Beautifulmess Podcast. I have a few of their books too, great content!
  2. Young House Love This is another blog I’ve been following since they first moved into their second house… 8-9 years ago? Their design has evolved so much and they are so laid back. Love reading their approachable DIYs. Love their podcast too. During the pandemic they’ve put it on hold, but hope they bring it back soon. Their past episodes are totally worth the listen too.
  3. Chris Loves Julia Their blog I started reading more recently, in about the last year. Love their attitude and they are great on Instagram stories. I’ll be honest though, they are pretty much all out of my budget in terms of DIY, shopping etc. But that doesn’t stop me from learning a lot from them in terms approach and mapping out a plan for a cohesive design. Also, their old A – Frame cabin is worth the archive posts, so inspiring!
  4. Yellow Brick Home This is also a newer to me blog that I’ve started following more consistently. I love that their DIYs are still very approachable and they like to add a touch of whimsy to their house. Looking at you ladder painting in their dinning room. They just seem to ooze how much fun they have together, and they are midwestern like me! I’m originally from Detroit so Chicago was always an easy trip to make.
  5. Grit and Polish I will admit, I haven’t been diligent about reading their blog daily. However, I find myself going back to them time after time again and diving into their archive rabbit hole. They are awesome on Instagram too!

Hope this gives you some fun content to dive into! I know some of these are the big Mammas and Papa’s of the blogging world, but remember, they started out right where I am and have just learned and grown like we are all trying to do. But they have all kept an authentic voice and I love that about them!

What are some decor, DIY blogs? Or in any that category that you love? Would love to hear in the comments below!

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