Getting Spooky

On a whim at the grocery store today I decided to buy this goofy junior skeleton and hang him near the front door. I don’t usually decorate for Halloween but figured this was a good place to start. So many times you can talk yourself out of adding some seasonal whimsy because, let’s be honest, these types of decorations aren’t always the cheapest and if you’re anything like practical me, I can be talked out of this fairly easy. I don’t know if it’s the cusp of the last warm day of the season or what, but I strolled confidently next door to Ace Hardware and went right to that seasonal section. Only to see CHRISTMAS taking up 80% of the aisle. Like, WHAT!

Well, knowing that I felt it was my civic duty to buy for Halloween and not a holiday that is still two holidays away. Not thinking twice I picked up Mr. Bones and didn’t look back.

This is my little reminder to have some fun and if you’re looking to start decorating for the holiday (whichever one) to just start with maybe one or two things a season and before you know it you’ll have enough to do the whole yard! And, don’t forget on November 1st if there’s anything left, (or you check online) you know that next little skeleton will be 70% off and you won’t feel too bad to store it till next year where you’ll be more ready!

What would you name your little skeleton friend? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and P.S. to that very shaggy looking cat. That came from a very dear friend who had a few but when they moved decided to grace each couple group one of them. They screech when you walk near them. When I went out to take these pictures I jumped thinking some scary alley cat was on my stoop, so I’ll call them effective!

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