Introducing Aspen and Fur!

Hello Internet!

Welcome to my new blog. I’m excited to take you on this journey to explore the things that I love, both in the design and home renovation world, cooking, and general home life.

My name is Bridget. Recently I started a new chapter with a new job, in a new industry, and well, the short of it, I got fired just two days shy of my two monthaversy at this new venture. It was somewhat shocking. I’ve never been fired before!

However, if I’m honest, I do believe it was a blessing in disguise. I really believe everything happens for a reason. While I figure out my next steps, I’ve decided to start a new blog. I’ve been blogging off and on for about 7 years. I figure, why not, what else am I doing right now?

We moved to Missoula in June of 2016 and have been in our first home since March 2018.

Our little 1955’s cottage is small but we have mighty plans, albeit they go slowly around here. I’ll do my best to share it all with you, the good, the bad, and most of all as we make the ugly our own.

Would love it if you’d join me! Can’t wait to share and talk with you all! Yay, I’m very excited and I hope you are too!

xoxo – Bridgi

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