Updated Boulevard

I don’t if “boulevard” is the actual term for this area of lawn but either way, it was in rough shape. It stayed pretty much this way since we moved in. It was left this way basically because we didn’t know what to do with this area. We couldn’t get grass to grow there, didn’t know what kind of plantings to use, this tree is constantly raining branches down too.

In yet another episode of “Bridget is completely fed up looking at this” I rented a tiller and got to work. If you see where that big bush is at had a lot of different plants growing around it. I think at one point it had an English whimsy to it but the old owners had let it over grow and get filled with weeds.

My plan, take it to a blank slate and take the winter to plan something more permeant.

We are deciding on a zero-scape design or something very low maintenance but with various plants that bloom from Spring through Fall.

These pavers were part of the middle path and 50% buried. Once I dug it up it was enough to lay this down near our driveway which is great now that it is getting wet outside. The best part, FREE!

Let’s enjoy this nice after. I love how cleaned up it looks. Proof that nearly any landscaping problem can be solved by mulch.

Let me know in the comments what high impact, low money changes are your favorite?

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